Brad Luck

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Album: some shit i did (2011)

Song: back for more

Bitrate: 160kbps

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I wrote all this like 2 years ago. Maybe I'll write some more eventually.

back for more - ft applejuce on the cuts. beat by vanderslice
dating sucks - ft applejuce on the cuts. beat by napolean suarez (i didnt spell that right)
baltik ave - beat by vanderslice (jacked the shit out of this beat...sorry wrist)
still fucked - beat by napolean...again...i should look at your facebook and get it right...but im lazy
swagger - beat by vanderslice
bad credit good dope - beat by i think vanderslice? off the stay flawless mixtape from a few years back.

event recorded all this shit for me because hes that dude. thanks buddy.

the 3 songs from dick66. aka...when brad doesnt try and everybody likes it better than the shit he puts a ton of effort into. thanks jerks. matt from coffin dust laced the art work on that. that guys awesome. give him all your money.

Dick66 - simpson on the beat
Dawn of the dick - vanderslice on the beat (peace to jenkem)
Torture Chamber - wrist on the beat